Ramblers unite for final farewell


Some forty past and present members of Clacton Ramblers Cricket Club met on Friday evening for a final get-together at Clacton Rugby Club.  It signalled the end of an era as the club has now withdrawn from the North Essex Cricket League due to insufficient numbers.

The club is believed to have been in existence since 1949, and it started out after the Second World War originally as a cycling club.  One of the original founders was Bill Hook, and so it was a pleasure to see his widow, Mrs June Hook, in attendance.  Ron Ridgeon was another stalwart of the club, and his widow, Mrs Mary Ridgeon, brought along memorabilia that Ron had collected and been presented with during his career.  John Davidson, the current president of the club, and a former long-serving playing member, has not enjoyed the best of health recently, and so it was good to see him at the gathering.

The evening itself was very informal, with old friends and colleagues simply meeting for a chat.  In view of its many years of existence, current chairman Colin Garrod did lead a toast to the many ‘absent friends’ that were once part of the club, and he also hoped that one day a group of like-minded youngsters would perhaps revive the Clacton Ramblers Cricket Club.

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